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Sinharaja Day Tour

It says a lot that in a country with such a rich variety of flora and fauna, Sinharaja Forest Reserve is both a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a Biosphere Reserve. That's because as the island's last viable area of primary tropical rainforest, it is home to almost two-thirds of its endemic trees and also boasts endemism rates of 50% for mammals and an astonishing 95% for bird species.

Your nature guide will lead you down overgrown trails, past streams, river and waterfalls on the lookout for wild animals and rare plants. It's the trees that conceal the rainforest's fauna – birds, tree frogs, monkeys and lizards. Even if you can't see them, you can listen out for the calls of the grey hornbills, or the sounds of monkeys in the treetops. The rarely sighted Sri Lankan leopard also prowls this territory, so keep your eyes peeled for a glimpse.

After the trek, sit down for Sri lankan lunch before returning to your hotel. Sinharaja is a veritable Garden of Eden just waiting to be discovered.

Sinharaja Day Tour From Heritance Ahungalla,Sinharaja Day Tour in Sri Lanka.

Do This Because

• Guided trek in Sinharaja Forest Reserve

• Discover endemic flora and fauna

• Explore a combined UNESCO World Heritage Site and a Biosphere Reserve

At a glance

Floura & Fauna
Bird Watching

Travel Tips

  • Be prepared to expect leeches, so wear leech socks and keep insect repellant with you.
  • Remember to take plenty of water to stay hydrated
  • Take your rain protection kits with you to face bit challenging torrential rain
  • Do not miss your power bank and camera to capture beautiful shots.
  • An experienced, English speaking guide is advisable to show you around and educate you on the flora and fauna.


  • One on one encounter with birds,butterflies and other wild animals
  • Reach the Sinhagala rock for a 360 degree view of the rainforest.
  • Afternoon village trek bordering Sinharaja rainforest.
Things you will do

Guided trekking with a national park guide through the Sinharaja rainforest

Discover rare species of birds,reptiles,butterflies and other wildanimals.

Observing the beautiful greenary of mother nature

Spoting endemic flora and fauna

Place You Will Visit

Sinharaja Rainforest Reserve

Due to the dense vegetation, animal spotting is a challenge. This kind of atmosphere is a real treat to wildlife enthusiasts though who are eagerly waiting to travel deep into the forests in search of rare wildlife

Don't Miss

Capturing pictures of Sinharaja’s endemic species

Nature walk at Sinharaja rainforest

A dip in the natural pool and waterfall.

Lunch at a recommended restaurent.


Fabulous tours by father and son!

We booked to stay at the RIU hotel in Ahungalla and were looking to organise tours before we arrived in Sri Lanka so we could plan the rest of the holiday around them. Tony’s tours were the highest rated tours for that area so I contacted Tony for more information. Tony and his son helped me plan the perfect tours for us, with prices agreed ahead of time and took my concerns for the amount of travel for our two year old daughter on board.

When I met Tony for the first tour to Kandy he put me at ease straight away. His top priority is that everyone is enjoying, and will go above and beyond to ensure your happiness. Tony was so knowledgeable about what he was showing on the tours and was happy to change plans slightly if you have a sudden whim to go and see something nearby. He will also stay with you through the whole tour and ensure you don’t get taken in by any of the overpricing for tourists!

Tony was fabulous with our daughter to the point of her wanting to be carried by him and constantly holding his hand. She told me she missed him when we arrived home!If you want an honest, knowledgeable tour guide who will treat you like one if the family then I couldn’t recommend Tony’s tours enough.

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